Tuesday, September 11, 2012


The last week of July our oldest was able to participate in Trek with our Stake.

 They left bright and early one morning and headed to Wyoming where they were able to retrace the steps of some of our pioneers.

 They were separated into families, given handcarts, and were able to experience pioneer life for a few days.

 Ma and Pa Pastrana

 His family

 While they did do a lot of walking and pulling,

 what they learned and experienced was so much more than that.

 They were able to visit some very sacred places where many lost their lives as they traveled in the handcart companies.

 They went to Martin's Cove and 

 they walked up Rocky Ridge.

 They slept in much more comfortable shelters than the pioneers, but they did get a small taste of what life must have been like.

 They bonded as a family and learned that family is clearly what is most important.

They caught a glimpse of what the pioneers saw and the vision of what the pioneers were hoping for.

 So many people sacrificed so much.

Their legacy lives on and continues to bless, strengthen, and blaze a trail for us today.

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