Monday, September 28, 2009

Backyard Campout

This past weekend was a three-day weekend for our kids since Friday was a teacher-work-day. Our oldest boys had planned a campout in our backyard with our neighbor. They had been planning this little endeavor for several days and were so excited to carry out their plans! They pitched their own tent, made their own fire, planned and cooked all their meals (all over the fire), and had a blast....all on their own. We tried to pretend they weren't there so they could feel completely independent. They really had a fun time and feel quite grown-up.

Front Row Seat

At the football game

I had to snap these pictures the other day. Our youngest really likes to be in the front with the best seat...he doesn't care much about those behind him!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Blisters, Go Away!

(I will spare you a picture!) One would think that after miles and miles of running that a runner could graduate from getting blisters. After getting blister after blister in the same spot, a callous usually forms...and then you're done with a blister there, right??? Wrong! At least with my feet, the blister simply moves over, a fraction of an inch to the right or the left. The worst location for a blister is under a toenail. The nail actually dies and eventually falls off...leaving the runner with hideous looking toes! I have lost two this summer. They are starting to grow back, but have yet to be identified as a normal-looking nail. Right now my feet are quite a sight- Saturday I ran 16 miles and I gained three new blisters (one of them almost looks like another toe!!... and that's only a slight exaggeration). While I am enjoying the last few day of summer sunshine, I am actually looking forward to winter so that I can hide my toes! I guess that I need to decide whether to be proud of my horrible looking feet/toes and see them as a hard-earned by-product of a devoted runner or else be embarrassed by their grossness! Today I'm feeling a little of both!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

What Time Is It?

Our youngest has an unusual interest. He always wants to know what time it is. He doesn't ask because he is waiting for an event or looking forward to a certain time of day. He just wants to know what time it is. After I tell him the time, he repeats my answer and then says okay...and then goes about doing whatever it is he is doing. Interesting, huh? Here comes the really interesting part-he asks 4-5 times a day! It doesn't really make sense to me because he has no real perception of a schedule or anything...he doesn't know that the other kids come home at 3:30 or that we usually have lunch at 11:30. He just wants to know what time it is. I have wondered why he asks and what his little mind is thinking, but I really can't come up with an explanation. Maybe he will grow up to be a horologist (clock maker)! It is a mystery to me!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Today I am one year older. (I don’t know about the wiser part, that is still up in the air.) Now that I am older, VERY old according to my kids, I am recognizing little tidbits of wisdom. They just come to me in random moments of reflection….so I must be getting old. (Voices in my head??? Maybe I’m a little senile too, who knows). But here is one piece of wisdom that I have gained over the last year: I need to savor the moment in the moment…remembering is fun, but is kind of like warmed-up leftovers (still tasty, but lacking the true flavor). I think this is why I enjoy taking pictures so much…pictures give me this sense that I can relive the moment… or at least remember it better…who knows. Okay, now I am rambling...a definite sign of age!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Up At Night

Well, he's off! Today our oldest left for his first overnight scout campout. I got him outfitted with all the scout essentials: first aid kit, mess kit, pocket knife, tent, sleeping bag, flashlight, etc. We had him set up and take down the tent this afternoon to make sure that he could do it by himself...he is definitely capable. He is very excited and feels very grown up. I guess the real question is: who is going to sleep better tonight? The scout or the Mom????

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend was busy and fun!

We started off the weekend by making five batches of salsa...I did mild, medium, and a special batch of extra hot for the hubby!

Labor Day morning we got up early and I ran in a local half marathon.

I hadn't trained much for it so I was happy to finish 6th overall and second in my age group (1 hr 40 minutes).

The kids were great cheerleaders once again. Our youngest even ran out onto the course to "help" me.

The two older boys participated in the kids fun run and took first and second place!

After a quick shower we headed up the canyon for our annual family campout.

We had fun in the dirt...

fun with cousins...

fun grillin' steak...

fun peeing on tires...

and fun in the stream.

It was a little cold!

We enjoyed a little jump-roping...

and a few games of volleyball.

Grandpa's dutch oven potatoes are always a hit!

We even found some friendly wildlife. (The snake got away!)
It was a great weekend, but probably the best part was the nap on Monday afternoon after we returned home!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Boating With Grandpa

This last weekend the temperature soared. Grandpa called and declared it a perfect day to head to the lake and invited us to come enjoy the water.

With cousins and Grandpa's boat...we were set for fun!

It was our youngest's first time on a boat. He was pretty excited!

Our Star Wars fan was also thrilled. He loved being pulled in the tube!

The oldest boys felt the need for speed.

Grandpa obliged.

The wind and the spray felt great.

It was so gorgeous!

We held on until our arms were aching.

The hardest part of the day was waiting for your turn!

Waiting can be tough!

But we found some fun activities while we waited, like building sandcastles,

and eating snacks.

It was a great day at the lake!