Tuesday, September 27, 2011


30 days from the start of the St. George marathon, I encountered a big setback. The cause of the setback could be seen as humorous, the result, though, has me in tears.

Our youngest likes to come snuggle between us in the morning...on this fateful morning my foot was in the way and met his knee on it's way to his warm snuggling spot. I guess it's just not meant to be this year.

Unexpected Farewell

The week after school started, I found myself elbow deep in salsa and relish....with pears and applesauce waiting next up to bat. And then the phone rang. It was my sister calling to let me know that Grandma was in the hospital...

diagnosed with leukemia and a very weak heart, she was going downhill very quickly and wasn't expected to last more than a couple days.

I was able to drive up to the hospital in Ogden with my youngest sister and her husband (who had just returned from their honeymoon and were headed to their Bend reception). We were able to say goodbye to her and hug aunts and uncles and cousins. My Dad quickly drove down from Oregon to be with his Mom in her final days. She was waiting for him.

She passed away the next day as her heart gradually slowed and finally stopped beating. I was there when she left this life. It was peaceful and calm, but it has been hard for me to sort through all of my emotions. I am so happy that she is now reunited with Grandpa and her parents. I know it was a joyful reunion! I feel a deep loss now that they are both gone. Some days it really hurts. Yet, I feel them near and I'm grateful for their legacy and gift of example to me. I feel a great responsibility to continue building the strong legacy they started...a legacy of family, faith, service, and love.

Back to School

The beginning of school this year came all too quickly. We were so busy toward the end of summer that we barely had time to prepare...

but we were able to get everyone ready in time. This year is a monumental year for me. All my kids are in school. Even my baby. He goes to kindergarten for half a day. He is loving it...I have been so busy that I haven't had time to realize that I am alone. This year the two older boys are together again in Junior High, in 7th and 8th grade. Where has the time gone???

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wedding Day

My sister's wedding day was wonderful!

She and her husband were sealed for time and all eternity in the Manti, Utah temple.

The married couple.

Congratulations from my brother

Reminiscing on the proposal...

Mr. and Mrs.

Proud family and friends

My family

After the wedding we headed to city hall for a catered dinner and short program.

The food was delicious...

and the tributes were heart-felt.

My parents are officially empty-nesters!

The happy/goofy couple

And they're off!

The Bachelorette Party

The final evening before the wedding we threw a family (girls only) bachelorette party for my sister.

We started the evening with a few gifts to open (ones that could be opened in front of nieces).

The nieces got a few party favors...which included nail polish...

which they used to paint her toenails.

Fingernails too, of course.

Beautiful nails for the wedding!

Next we left all the kids with the dads and headed out to dinner where the real bachelorette party got started...

Other gifts were opened...and advice was given. The kind only sisters can give! We had a really fun time! I'm sure it was an evening we will all remember for a very long time!

I have the best sisters and mom in the world!

Family Fun

The week before the wedding was full of lots of fun activities and outings, but we also had a great time just hanging out.

We caught up with Oregon cousins on the tramp.

We got in several good rounds of hearts.

Coloring is always fun...

something you never outgrow!

A fun game of BANG! with the groom to be.

Napoleon Dynamite....although I think they were too tired to laugh!

The dads caught up on all the latest hunts, cool gadgets, political debate...and whatever else dads talk about.

Grandma and Grandpa enjoyed the time with all the cute kids.

A Splashing Good Time

With our family in town we decided to head up to the reservoir for the afternoon.

We enjoyed a quick picnic on the beach and then jumped in!

the older boy cousins

a floating seat

my cute niece

our Cheetos champ

a pink one, of course

It was my sister's last day of being a single woman!


Grandpa capturing every cute grand kid moment.

King of the floating log!

Bringing the log closer to shore so that all could enjoy.

My sister and my youngest niece

Everyone got a turn on the log!

Girl talk!

Boys warming up in the hot sand.