Friday, August 28, 2009

Adventures in Potty Training

While the theory behind saving the most difficult for last is sound, the application of said theory is not always so simple.

I thought that potty-training a fifth child would be a breeze...there are so many examples for him to follow, I have done this four times before, etc. I thought wrong, very wrong. While we are having some success, it is being very hard! We started on Wednesday afternoon when our kindergartner left for school. No distractions, one-on-one attention, plenty of fluids, salty snacks, new Cars underwear, positive reinforcements...the whole caboodle!

He caught on quickly. We have had many successes...a few accidents, but overall things are going well. I just wasn't prepared for his little attitude...he is the first child I've potty-trained to have an accident out of spite, and also the first one to tell me that he doesn't want to be big. He loves to have false alarms (we run to the toilet and hop him on just to find out that he's not quite ready yet). He is also our only child who doesn't like praise. It has been hard to figure out the balance between encouraging his successes without making such a big deal that he doesn't want to keep trying. This is being quite a challenge!! Wish me lots of luck and even more patience!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten

Today was our Star Wars Fan's first day of kindergarten. It has been killing him that everyone else started school last week without him...but today the day finally arrived.

He was a little nervous, but excited too!

He knew that there were five or six kids in his class that he already knew, but was really excited once he got there and found two more friends that he wasn't expecting!

He's ready to learn!!

The best part of the day for him was getting to walk home with the big kids...he feels ten feet tall!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fuzzy Fruit

I spent today making peach jam...21 pints to be exact. My floor is sticky, my sink is full of peachy dishes, and we may have toast and jam for dinner since I am out of energy.
After spending all day up close and personal with peaches...I had a profound thought (you be the judge): Once you get the fuzzy skin off and the pit out, they are a juicy wedge of sunny happiness! Okay, maybe not so profound, but I have been with peaches all day and I think I've gone a little fruity!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back to School

Last night outfits were carefully chosen and laid out, backpacks were packed with supplies, Father's Blessings were given, but our kids were just too excited to go to bed. I remember their nervous excitement...after all it has ONLY been 20+ years!! They did finally get to sleep and waking them up this morning was pretty fun. There wasn't the usual feet-dragging and lolly-gagging...they were all up and at 'em this morning. Our daughter came to me reporting that she had butterflies in her stomach, our second oldest couldn't eat more than two bites of breakfast because he thought he would throw it up, our oldest needed help to get his hair just so.....but finally they were ready to go to school.

I couldn't wait to hear about their first day back this afternoon. The report is good: Our oldest likes his teacher and there are WAY more girls than boys in his class (is he growing up or just a conscientious math student noticing percentages??? We'll see.) Our second oldest was worried about reports that his teacher was very strict, but his first impression was "She's funny, Mom. Her three rules are 1. No throwing up 2. No blood 3. No getting taller than her." (Those are kind of funny.) Our daughter was mostly excited about the pencil box full of supplies that was waiting for her on her desk when she arrived. Oh, and now they have corn dogs as an option for lunch instead of grilled cheese which she hated. All is well in the universe!! Hopefully day #2 is just as successful!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Farewell Summer!

We begged and we pleaded, but to no avail...summer has come to an end! At least we got to spend the last few days of summer at this favorite summertime getaway:

While we are daydreaming during math class we will remember the rush of free fall,

the adventures in the wave pool,

and the warm sun on our cheeks!

So long schedule-less summer days,

so long sleeping in and staying up late...

until next year! We will miss you!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


It was a tough job, but I did it!! Today I replaced the deck on my treadmill.

It wasn't that bad, except for when I had to loosen the belt and slide the old deck out...very awkward and VERY heavy!!

Here is the old deck. Apparently after 3000 miles (and not enough lubricant, I have learned) they tend to crack.

I have really enjoyed logging all my miles this summer outside. But now when it gets cold (which it will all too soon) I can continue running!! Yippee!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

County Swim Meet Results

The pool is still and quiet. Swim team is over and so are swim lessons. We are starting to dry out a little!

On Saturday we went to the end of season swim party/bbq...the boys were excited to find out how they did at the county swim meet. It is such a huge meet with soooo many kids that we didn't find out all the results by the time we left (at 10:30P.M.)

Our oldest had a great season ending with three personal records in his last meet. He shaved three seconds off his freestyle best and surprised everyone including himself with a fifth place finish at the county meet. He took a whole second off his specialty...the breaststroke, and finished seventh. He also swam a second faster in the backstroke which he considers his weakest stroke and finished twelfth!

He was pretty tickled with the awards he brought home!

Our second oldest also had a fantastic meet. He finished eighteenth in freestyle, improving his time and trying out a new breathing technique that his coach suggested. His highlight moment was in the breaststroke when he cruised in for a fifth place finish!

He was also thrilled to receive a medal and is pretty happy with his progress this summer!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

At the Pool!

Wondering where we've been lately?? The answer is: at the pool! Since we have returned home from our Oregon trip we have spent 31 hours at the pool...four swim meets, two weeks of swim lessons for the little ones, and a few days at the water park soaking in the last few days of summer.

Our Star Wars fan is turning into a little fish at his swim lessons...he especially likes that he is the only boy in his group...he gets all the cute girls to himself!

This year our daughter is learning all the strokes. I am starting to see progress...and she especially thinks it's cool that she can swim in the deep end!

Our two oldest boys have done swim team this summer and in spite of the early morning practices they really have enjoyed it.

Swim meets have been a lot of fun and a great way to watch their improvement!

Our oldest's team.

Our second oldest's team.

Our oldest in the blocks.

The dive in!

He's fast!

I love this picture! "My brother's #1!"

Ready to swim fast!

He's fast too!!
We are just so proud of our boys. They have really learned a lot this summer from swim team, not just how to swim, but several life lessons as well. This weekend is the end of season party and we will get all the results from the County swim meet...they both swam very well...more to come soon!!