Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Ragnar Adventure

Meet Van 1 of the Ped Ex team!

 We have a lot of heart, a little muscle, and a 192 mile race course ahead of us.

 First things first:  decorate the van!

 Meet my cute cousins!

 My awesome aunt,

 Traci, the mountain conqueror,
and Marci, the swift!

 The terrain:  mountain ranges from Logan to Park City.

 My first leg:  I started at the top of the mountains behind me and ended at a city park.  The downhill was brutal on the legs...

 we got a few blisters.

 My awesome aunt had connections that got us into a cabin that we rested in along the way.

 Still a long ways to go!

 A true adventure is not complete without a flat tire, an uncle to the rescue,

 and a good Samaritan named Sue who kept us on course until we acquired another vehicle.

Two hours of sleep later and it's morning!

 They don't look tired at all!

 What were we craving at the finish line??? A cheeseburger and shake from Grannies!

 34 hours of running and you'll sleep in the shade of any tree!

 The proud competitors of van 1, waiting for van 2 at the finish line.

The whole team!   We did it!


Happy Birthday to our cute 13-year-old.
 We all hid in a bedroom until he got curious and came in...surprise!

 He had a few gifts to open.

 Some new shorts...he is growing like a weed!

 Some flip-flops. he smells good.

 and a new ctr ring....that he has been asking for!  Happy Birthday!

Father's Day

We took advantage of Father's Day to spoil my wonderful hubby!

 The kids chose some heart-felt gifts.

 A hunting knife,

 a new hat,

 some treats,

 another new hat,

 some loving letters,

and a pair of new, much-needed work boots.  We love and appreciate this wonderful Father!

Family Talent Show

One of our favorite family nights is when we get to have a family talent show with all the cousins.

 We are surrounded by talented singers!

singer/song writers

 a groovy dancer

 a budding artist

 a jewelry maker

 twin singers

 another artist

 a guitar player

 a dancer

 a composer

 a swimmer

 another singer/song-writer

 a violinist

 a 2-year-old bike rider

 a baseball player

 a long-boarder

 a video-maker

 a frisbee thrower

and a milk-chugger.  It was a fun evening for all!