Monday, March 21, 2011

Yearning for Spring

I am sitting at my computer right now watching the rain turn to snow and I'm wondering, when will the sun shine again?? It was so nice the last couple of weeks because we had some days when the temperature soared into the fifties and even one that reached into the lower sixties! I coerced my white legs into a pair of shorts on those days and went running in search of some color.

This last weekend I ran a race down in the land of the sun, although the sun wasn't shining too brightly there either. There was, however, abundant evidence that Spring had indeed grass, flowers, blossoms, and yes, many runners with tan legs.

I, unfortunately, was not one of those runners! While I managed to run well and I enjoyed the beautiful Spring scenery with the red rocks as a backdrop, my legs just didn't quite fit in. I know that Spring can't be too far away, yet today as the snow blows in sideways, my confidence in Spring's arrival is shaken.

Colorado Springs on His Horizon

We have spent an insane amount of time lately at the:

Our boys have competed in no fewer than seven matches in the last three weeks, and more are approaching in the coming weeks. It is match season and we have been busy!

Some of us might be going just a little crazy...the smell of gunpowder just might be going to our heads.

Our second oldest has been shooting really well, steadily improving and we are excited for his future in precision rifle shooting!

Our oldest has reached the pinnacle of his young shooting life so far: he recently received an invitation from USA Shooting (the national governing body for Olympic Shooting in the United States) to attend the 2011 National Junior Olympic Championships. He gets to go to the Olympic Training Center April 5th-11th to attend clinics with Olympic coaches, meet other junior shooters from across the nation, and compete in the National Championship match. Pretty awesome. Needless to say he is excited! We are proud of his accomplishments, but we are even more proud of the good young man that he is becoming as he sets goals, seeks help from above, works hard, and overcomes obstacles.