Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008- What We Will Remember

As the year comes to an end, we wanted to take a minute to look back and reflect on the significant events that we each experienced.

For our youngest, this has been a year of discovery. When you turn two, you all of a sudden discover independence and all that comes with it. He has discovered the value of good communication, talking is much better than grunts and pointing. He has discovered that he thinks he is the boss. He has discovered friends and favorites, trains and airplanes. He discovered how to open doors; consequently all our doors have been toddler-proofed. He has discovered that a small package can carry a big punch...and how to say "sorry" after he delivers those punches! He is a delight and a challenge for us all! We are always on alert for what will happen with his next discovery.

For our sweet home-lover, this year has been one of venturing out into the unknown. He started preschool this year with much anxiety, but soon found that he liked new friends, new teachers, new adventures. He is tender hearted and has learned how to stand up to his much more aggressive younger brother. He has conquered the top bunk. He is learning that words are just sounds blended together...he can't wait to read.

For our first-grader, this has been a year of exceeded expectations. She felt so big when she lost her first tooth and then went on to lose four more shortly afterwards. She started first-grade already knowing how to read, but surprised us all with her 3rd/4th grade reading abilities that improve everyday. She loves to write, draw, and create and always has a pen and paper somewhere nearby 24/7. She is capable of doing whatever she wants to do...I wonder what will be next.

Our second oldest feels like he has sawed through the bark and into the real good stuff in the middle. His best memories of this year involve his family, good friends, fun trips, and more often than not, guns. To name a few: turkey hunting in Wyoming with great friends, the Utah Summer games where he competed in the precision rifle divisions, going to BYU football games with Dad, receiving his very own pellet gun for his 9th B-day, hot summer days conquering the scariest slides at 7 Peaks with his friends, and shooting an 88 (last night) in prone position with his awesome new precision rifle.

For our oldest time is flying by! He turned 11 this year and has advanced from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. He received his Arrow of Light award, a big accomplishment well worth the effort. He took Hunter's Safety at the beginning of the year and in the process discovered his passion...precision shooting. Thanks to Dad's support, he has improved by leaps and bounds, earning a silver and three bronzes at the Utah Summer Games. He went on his first hunt this year where he was the hunter...and took his first jake. He is a great big brother and a great example to all his younger siblings.

For me this year has involved several firsts. My first trip to Hawaii with my husband and our good friends. We fell in love with Kauai. I'm quite certain there will be several more trips in the future. My first time leaving my kids for more than two nights. They survived although I'm not sure my mom will ever be the same...thanks, Mom!! My first marathon, definitely not my last. My first time having all but one in school!!! I forgot how much easier shopping is without the whole gang. My first time in Young Women since I was one myself...I feel young again.

For my husband this has been a year of fulfillment. His motto has always been "Work to play." He has worked hard and has had a great year with his business. As a result he has been able to play a lot as well. His greatest joy this year has been the time he has been able to spend with his family, especially on hunting trips with his boys, friends, and his Dad.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Not so long ago...

Today...we are celebrating thirteen wonderful years! We look forward to many, many more.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Unwrapped

Our youngest had great fun this year. He really got into ripping open his gifts...last year he had to be shown how to open them.

Our little artist/writer opened numerous activities that will keep her busy for a long time. She tells me that she is going to grow up to be a scrapbook fanatic...I believe it!! She asked Santa some questions on her wish list. He even answered them to her delight!

Our Star Wars fan received plenty of accessories and gear to keep his reenactments of every Star Wars Movies scene alive and realistic. His Commander Cody/ Captain Rex outfits were the bomb!!

Our junior precision rifleman is now outfitted with all the necessary gear. His icing on the cake was a custom made .22 that his Dad lovingly assembled and altered just for him.

Our oldest precision rifleman is also sporting all the needed accessories that will help him become the shooter everyone is trying to beat! His big excitement this year was a .25-06 rifle that he is eager to use on his first deer hunt next season.

Christmas Eve

More fun with pictures, of course! Christmas Eve was complete with the nativity scene acted out by the little people, Grandpa telling us the story of the first Christmas night, good food and treats, and the annual opening of Christmas pajamas. Many fun memories were made!

Fun With Pictures

I have discovered a fun way to put lots of pictures together in a small space, thanks to Photoshop's picture collage tool! It's a great option for me--I can never pick just one or two to share, because there are always way too many cute ones.

These are some shots of our family Christmas Party. We had such fun: Great food, Grandma's fun gifts, chime-playing, Christmas carol singing, and the big surprise, Santa came and visited. I have never seen such raw joy and excitement on the face of all the kids. They were totally twitterpated!! If you want to see a bigger, clearer version, just click on the pictures.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Christmas Gift

The kids are officially giddy! My fingers are totally wiped out from taping, cutting, and stashing gifts (where do you put them all???) We are getting ready to head over for our tradition of Christmas Eve at Grandma and Grandpa's house. We wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!! We hope your day is full of Christmas joy and love with your family. I feel truly blessed as I ponder the birth of our Savior and overwhelmed at the gratitude I feel for the gift He has given us all.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our White Christmas Has Arrived

We don't need to dream about a white Christmas anymore, we have it! This year it seemed like we were never going to get any snow, but within the last couple of days we have received probably a foot and a half. The kids are loving it! Right now they are outside making a fort out of the trampoline, an ambitious plan that should keep them busy and happy for awhile. They really like being out of school, but for some reason boredom seems to creep in without being invited...a pain for kids and mom!! Dad is feeling rusty and old we are celebrating his
??th birthday. His big gift this year was a pair of Laser Rangefinders, a must for all avid hunters like himself. He can't wait to use them on his next hunt...I'm sure he already has one planned! We love him so much and are glad that he didn't need any kind of "finders" to find Mom!! Happy Birthday!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Make a list, check it twice

I have enjoyed my friends' blogs so much and have been planning on creating my own....time has passed, ideas have come and gone, I almost gave up on myself, and then today I decided it was time! Christmas-time is all about to do, party-going, goes on and on. Today I reached a milestone--I have crossed off my last item on my last list. (Sigh of relief!!!!) So now it is time to relax and enjoy...I decided that I ought to add one more gift to my list- a gift to myself. Hmmmm, what should it be?? How about sit down and finally start that blog!! So this is the beginning. My intent for this blog is to share those adventures and moments that add flavor and spice to life. We have many family members and friends who live far away and I also hope that this blog can shorten the miles and help us feel like next door neighbors. Let the blogging begin!!