Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Revealed, part I

We spent two evenings up the canyon taking pictures of my cute kids to get these photos. We gave them to my parents and my husband's parents for Christmas.

I have a few on my walls...so I guess they were Merry Christmas to me too!!

Christmas Day

Christmas Morning started bright and early for us: 6:30!
The kids tried to wait patiently at the bottom of the stairs. It took awhile for Dad to get up and for Mom to get the camera ready, okay maybe it was just two minutes, but it felt like FOREVER!
Finally, we got to come up the stairs!

Grandma is an awesome artist!!

And Grandpa is a great photographer!

The boys are decked out in cougar blue.

Our daughter has paper and pens to last her awhile!

Dad is ready for church!

And the boys are shooting targets, yet again.

We enjoyed a tasty breakfast of orange juice,

and all the fixin's.

We spent a lazy day painting fingernails,

building puzzles,

playings games,

and, of course, a much-needed nap while we watched a movie.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve started out with a delicious breakfast! We have a tradition with our next door neighbors of breakfast together and we enjoyed a tasty breakfast of waffles and bacon. We arrived home to face some necessary chores. I told the kids that Santa was not coming to our house with it looking messy...and in no time it was cleaned and straightened.

Thanks to Great-Grandma, the kids and Dad enjoyed a special treat at noon: out to the movies to see the new movie, "Tangled." They loved it! Meanwhile, Santa's helper (me) stayed home and frantically wrapped and wrapped, and wrapped some more. Several hours later...

we headed out to the cemetery to meet up with family: those we can see and those we think of often.

We lit candles, sang carols, and got cold.

Then we headed back to Grandma and Grandpa's warm home.

On this evening we are grateful for family,

for loving cousins,

and for the scriptures which tell us the glad tidings of our Savior's birth.

The kids acted out the Nativity while Grandpa read from the New Testament.

The angel appeared,

and the wise men came bearing gifts. (and facial hair)

We love to hear of that wonderful night!

Grandpa shared a story from his mission in Switzerland. He told us how candles were hung on trees and simultaneously lit for a few minutes of twinkling lights on Christmas eve.

The excitement of Christmas Eve is contagious!

Grandma brought out the chimes and we played a few carols...apparently our youngest didn't enjoy it as much as the rest of us (notice him on the couch in the background).

Grandpa claims to have no musical ability, but he played his chime marvelously!!

It took some concentration and help from parents, but everyone helped make the music.

We ended with "Silent Night."

But it wasn't so silent when the kids got their pajamas to open.

Do you think they were able to go to sleep???