Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Day

Bright and early, 6:00 arrived!

Mom armed with camera, Dad with camcorder...they came up the stairs!

Youngest to oldest...there was still a lot of high-pitch squealing when the oldest reached the top of the stairs.

We are so excited to learn how to play the piano!

Stocking treats

Owl heating pads

Some BYU gear

Bracelet-making supplies

Two dogs!!

a guitar!

Lots and lots of shooting in our future

We enjoyed a tasty breakfast at our new table.

We had time to play with a few toys before it was time to get ready for church. Church was wonderful! We had a fantastic program with scripture reading and music. I think Christmas should be on Sunday every year!

When we got home from church everyone took a REQUIRED nap! When we woke up, we enjoyed a relaxing afternoon....

building a puzzle,

and lots and lots of piano playing...do YOU know how to play "Mary had a little lamb?"

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve morning found our kids out jumping on the trampoline...so much for a white Christmas this year!

We have a tradition with our neighbors of Christmas Eve breakfast. It was delicious and we feel especially grateful to have such great neighbors. After breakfast we continued with tradition and went to a movie at the theatre. We picked a great movie this year that I would recommend to anyone, called Hugo. Great movie, great message...loved it! (Thank you Uncle Nate!)

We gathered at Grandpa's house that evening for our reading of the scriptures and acting out the nativity.

The kids always have such fun acting out the Christmas story and I think it helps make the story real to them. Note to self: when I'm a Grandma, nativity costumes are a must!

These teenagers might think they're too old to get excited on Christmas eve, but I know better!

Finally...it was time to open pajamas.

This year Santa went with store bought ones...nice to know the kids noticed, but didn't care too much. This year my sewing machine didn't get near as much mileage as last year...

the girls were pleased to get "footy" pajamas.

And boys can turn any pajamas into manly, fighting apparel.

These cousins were a tribute to the story of the Grinch...

who almost came out on Christmas because of how late Mom and Dad had to stay up Christmas Eve. Mom with 3 and 1/2 hours of sleep=the Grinch!

This train set is so much fun....but it does take awhile to set up!

We were blessed this year with a wonderful Christmas...much of which had to be set up after all the kiddies went to sleep. Have you ever tried to quietly set up a new table and chairs???

Or a dog house tent? Yes, we worked up a sweat!

My husband spent several hours setting up all the reloading equipment.

Fortunately with the new piano, all the moving had been done weeks earlier and we just had to take off the blankets! Thanks to the Larsen's who helped convince the kids that we were hiding a t.v. for them!!! Finally at 2:30 a.m. we were ready for bed!

He's 40!

Two days before Christmas, we woke up my sleepy husband on his 40th birthday!!

He is no longer a young buck, but we still have a whole lot of fun! He opened several gifts that morning...including a gift certificate from his thoughtful kids to a yummy restaurant for a birthday date. We had a wonderful time that evening.

Happy Birthday!

We went pretty easy on him....however, he had paybacks coming from his older sister who he horribly tormented a few years back on her 40th.

He got a few choice reminders of his age including,
L'Oreal's Vita Lift, an anti-wrinkle and firming moisturizer, bacon balm (bacon-flavored lip balm), salad floss,

and emergency underpants.

He was a good sport, but she went pretty easy on him. I took note of his experiences and decided to not be too mean on his 40th since I will be there in just a few years too!

50th Anniversary

On December 13th, my in-laws celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary.

I just love these two people! Aside from my own parents, they have had the biggest influence on my life, and everyday I am grateful for them!

We had a special dinner celebrating the occasion at their home. (Note to self...your own home is the BEST place to celebrate such an occasion)

We enjoyed many laughs as we ate,

and especially enjoyed the few serious moments when Mom and Dad stated that their most significant life accomplishments were sitting around the table with them.

The evening went late into the night with several rounds of hearts...

Happy Anniversary!

Christmas Dance Performance

Our daughter has reach a pinnacle in her very young life: She is on the performing team of her dance studio.

She'll turn ten next month and for seven longs years she has dreamily watched the older girls and hoped...

She went through try-outs this summer and was so happy to learn that this year was her year!

We are very proud of her...she has come a long way from that little 3-year old who couldn't hear the beat or balance on one foot.

She is a beautiful dancer!

We adore her teacher and are pleased with the lessons that she is learning along the way.


Party Time

The kids were a little disappointed this year to hear that Santa wouldn't be able to make it to our family Christmas party.

He hurt his back and just couldn't make it.

You know what....I don't think anyone noticed that he wasn't there...we had too much fun with the ones that were there.

Our St. George family came up and made the party a hit, as always!

And, of course, who doesn't have fun when Uncle Boat's around?!

Cute cousins always crank up the fun meter.

Throw in some tasty finger food,

and we had smiles all around.

New this year was a fun game led by Aunt Kelli. She read us a story about the Wright family...

everyone starts with a gift and passes it left or right when she reads "left" or "right" in the story.

It was pretty suspenseful to see which present you would end up with at "The end."

Some were very pleased!!

We were treated to a beautiful Christmas song by our talented cousin,

and then we all sang several Christmas carols as Grandma accompanied on the piano.

Followed by the chimes...

conducted by Grandma.

Christmas is coming!