Saturday, June 27, 2009

First Swim Meet

This morning our two oldest competed in their first swim meet. They were a little nervous since they didn't know what to expect, but they both swam very well and really enjoyed the meet setting. Our second oldest swam the 50 freestyle and the 25 breaststroke. He got 2nd and 1st in his heats. Our oldest swam the 50 freestyle, the 50 backstroke, and the 50 breaststroke. He took 3rd, 2nd and 2nd in his heats.

On your marks, get set,


All done!

The rest of us cheered really loud and enjoyed the races!
Our youngest managed to entertain himself by throwing half of his banana into the deep end...right during a race, of course....they decided to fish it out after the meet. Yep, I experienced two contrasting emotions in a matter of seconds: pride in my swimmers and embarrassment at my banana thrower! I guess I needed humbling!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Games 2009

We enjoyed three long days at the Utah Summer Games this last week. Our two oldest boys competed in several shooting competitions.

Dad got to come with us this year...he watched every shot with anticipation!!

The first day we spent the morning at the outdoor range where the boys shot in the English Match (an all prone competition shot with precision .22's) and the Sporter (shooters use a small game rifle).

Check out these awesome patterns!

In the afternoon we headed to the local Armory for the Air Rifle Competition.

Day two started with the Three Position Small-bore Competition...

And ended with an Olympic-style shoot off.

Our ten-year old earned a bronze medal in the Air Rifle Competition.

Our oldest took four gold medals in the English Match, the Sporter, the Three-Position, and the Air Rifle Competition. He also made it into the Olympic Style Shoot-Off (they take the top 8 shooters from all categories) where he finished fifth.

But we weren't done yet!! Day three took us back to the outdoor range for the High Power Service Rifle Competition (they shoot military guns at 200 yds.)

It was only the second time our boys had shot military style guns.

Our oldest got the privilege of being mentored by Utah's best.

Our oldest surprised himself and the rest of the field by taking the Silver medal in the Open category (that's against everyone...old, young and in between). It was a great end to a great competition.

Fun With Cousins

We spent last week down south in Cedar City for the Utah Summer Games. Our two oldest boys competed in several shooting competitions. (See next post). We had a lot of fun because we got to spend time with our St. George cousins and Cedar City Aunt and Uncle. It really is a treat when we get to play with them!

We had fun at the hotel!

We had great chats in spite of the loud guns!

We got to hang out with one of our cool Aunts!

She had some great treats!

We spent time with Crazers.

And went on a few lizard hunts.

The big boys finally caught one for us.

We played some great games.

Collected some medals,

And a few more!

We had some great spectators join us in cheering on the boys.

Went on several walks.

Watched our cool shooters,

Played in the dirt.

And sat in the dirt.

The dirt all came off when we splashed in the pool!

We're already excited for next year!!

A Decade of Fun

This last week we celebrated another birthday! Our second oldest has reached the ripe old age of ten years.
We are so glad that he is part of our family. He adds flavor and spice and we love him so much!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Party Time

Last night Aunt C threw a fun party.

We were excited to come and celebrate with her.

We enjoyed good food,

fun games,

great conversation,

fun cousins,

tasty treats,

and a we had a grand time!

Thanks Aunt C!!

Friday, June 12, 2009


I think I am losing it! My mind has been occupied lately and normal/rational thought is somehow escaping me.

For example: I made bread on Tuesday and set the timer for 10 extra minutes...I bake bread every week and I know how long to cook it...who knows what I was thinking??? This week we are enjoying darker, dryer bread than normal! Also...I was showering yesterday and after shampooing my hair, instead of getting conditioner, I found myself lathering my hair once again with more shampoo! My kids come up to talk to me and even though I am looking at them and I can see their mouths moving, I have no clue what they just said and they have to repeat it... Today I got halfway through cleaning the house ( a workout by itself) to discover that I forgot to put on deodorant this morning after I showered. How could I forget deodorant???

So....if you see me out getting my mail and I am missing an item of clothing or at the grocery store with mascara/eyeliner on only one eye...or if at church I ignore you when you say "hi, " just know, I am a bit distracted....I'm not going crazy, at least, I hope not!