Monday, May 23, 2011

Our Baby is Five!

He used to be so little, but he is quickly growing up!

Last week we celebrated our baby's fifth birthday. I don't know where the time has gone.

I found a great deal on his favorite toys! He could hardly wait for his party so he could open his gifts.

He went to town and soon....

he had a bunch of new star wars guys and a few treats.

He wanted cupcakes instead of a cake, but we still found a way for him to blow out five candles.

He had a fun birthday and chose to end the day with "a happy kids meal" from his favorite restaurant with his Mom and Dad.

Don't grow up too fast my little boy! We love you!!

Wedding Bells

Why do you think she is from grinning ear to ear?

Do you think it's because she got a brand new rifle? Well, I know that would make all the boys in this house happy, but that's not why she is happy...

this is!

The afternoon of May 11th, on the grounds of the Manti temple, a cute boy asked a cute girl if she would marry him for time and all eternity. She said yes!

The big day is coming up on August 20th. We are so happy for them!

Happy Birthday!

We have had one birthday party after another here lately.

The first week my sister was here we celebrated her boyfriend's birthday.

He is a nice boy from Gunnison. He celebrated his birthday by going sky-diving...and he survived to tell the tale. He can't wait to go again.

It took awhile to light his 24 candles!

He received several nice gifts. This blanket was made by a certain girl for a certain boy. I think he liked it.

Just a few days later, we celebrated my sister's birthday along with my brother's birthday. It was a great evening with tasty Mexican food,

and a delicious ice cream cake that my sister and I made. She knows how to make them and I wanted to learn really wasn't that hard and it turned out great!

My cute sister and my handsome brother!

One, two, three, blow!!

We had a really fun evening together. One year older and wiser too, Happy Birthday to YOU!!

I love to dance!

We have been busy with dance lately!

This year in dance has been so fun, it is sad to see it come to an end.

Our daughter competed in a dance competition earlier in the month.

Her team placed first in their division! Her dance company swept the competition with eleven first place scores and one fourth place! It was a great showing for a great group of dancers and some awesome teachers!

We also recently attended the end-of-the-year showcase performance. It was so fun to see how much they have improved in just nine months.

I got to help out backstage helping the dancers get to and from the stage at the right time, etc. It was a neat experience to see how nervous and excited they get to perform.

Our daughter truly loves dance...she soaks up the on-stage attention and can really be fun to watch. I'm so grateful for the chance she has had to dance this year!

Run, run run!!

The last few weeks have included a few end-of-the-year track meets down at our high school. Our daughter's meet was first.

She ran the 50m, the 100m and the 4X100m relay.

She was quite annoyed when during the 100m, a girl next to her ran into her lane, but she just slowed down, let the other girl go ahead and then kept running! Always the kind one, I definitely have much to learn from her!

The funnest part for me to watch was the relay. She was the third leg and patiently waited for the baton hand-off....

and then she was off!! She ran a fast turn and then as she approached the last leg....she slowed down a bit for the hand-off to the anchor leg, but there was no one there!! Apparently the girl wandered off for a moment and missed the race....

so what did she do??? She just kept running!! Running the anchor leg too! It was funny to watch, but I was proud of her poise and her ability to go with the flow!

She did have plenty of time between events to hang out with her friends,

pose for a few glamour shots,

and practice a cheerleading pyramid!

Our youngest came with me to the meets. While I ran the long jump with some other moms, he found opportunity to flirt with a few cute girls and eat their food.

The funnest part of his day was the lollipop race! He looked forward to it all day!

It just happened to be his birthday so he knew that all the cheers from the stands were for him!!

The lollipop was pretty yummy too.

Our sixth-grader's meet was a fun one to be at...although it was cold and rainy! This year he tried the 400m and did really well taking 2nd in his heat.

This year he also improved in the sprints, making it to the semifinals in the 100m. He finished 2nd in his heat.

The icing on his cake was the 4X100m relay. He was the lead leg and got his team off to a fantastic start...which they continued all the way to the end!

They won their heat by quite a ways!! The high fives and celebration at the end was really cute...what a speedy bunch!

Not to be outdone, the junior high held a competition of their own, a 5k that started at the school, made a loop around town, and then finished back behind the school.

It was another rainy day (of course), but when you're running with a friend you don't notice as much!

It was a fun run and it's exciting to realize that school is out in just three more days!!

Mother's Day

Mother's Day this year was spectacular, as always!

I was given beautiful handmade gifts,

treated like a queen,

fed tasty meals and delicious desserts,

given foot rubs and told how much I am loved.

I felt like the luckiest, most loved mother on the planet!

Who wouldn't with such wonderful kids as these?