Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our Champ

Okay, we finally have all the pictures from our oldest's trip to the Olympic Training Center! It was a wonderful trip!

The drive through Colorado was beautiful! However, my husband said they did get stuck in two traffic jams on the way- who would have thought??

But they did finally arrive in Colorado Springs and quickly headed to the Olympic Training Center to check it out.

It was pretty cool, with each sport represented in one way or another...however, they were interested in one building in particular:

Of course the shooting center was spectacular. The shooting range was huge, with all the latest technology and equipment.

They enjoyed looking around, but couldn't wait for the first day of the Junior Olympics!

The biggest part of the first day involved equipment check...which took almost 3 hours. Every bit of equipment, clothing, and firearm was checked to make sure that it met international shooting specifications. He passed!!

The first and second days of competition was the Air Rifle Championship.

Our oldest quickly had his eyes opened to the caliber of athletes that he was competing against...very, very good shooters. He was in the youngest age group with the competitors up to age 20. He shot okay in the air rifle match, but was a little disappointed at the results. He finished seventh in his age category (sub-junior).

The next two days was the Smallbore Rifle Championship, which consisted of two matches: the Prone Match and the 3-Position Match.

He shot much better in the Smallbore matches and he ended the first day of Smallbore competition in the lead!

Who knew shooting could work up such a big appetite???

The second day the pressure was on to maintain his place and shoot just as well!

There was a room where fathers/coaches could watch the match, but they weren't allowed on the range. However, there was a screen that showed each shot so they could follow the competition quite closely!

This is what the screen looked like.

Finally the match ended and the results were posted!! He won the prone match, and it was close! One point separated first and second!

A sweet surprise in the 3-Position: he thought he finished third, but once scores were looked over (there is a process to check and re-check), he won the silver medal!

Not bad at all!!

Here is a link to the press release from USA Shooting's website:

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Not-So-Sunny St. George

Last weekend we headed down to Sunny St. George....except on the way down we noticed that we were headed into not-so-sunny weather.

As we got closer and it was still snowing, my kids asked, "Does it really snow in St. George?" It was a completely novel idea to their little minds.

The reason we were heading down was so that I could run my second St. George race for the Runner Series (If I run two required races, I get an automatic berth in the marathon.) It was one of the coldest races I have run in a long time...rain/sleet made for a frigid 6 miles.

My cheer squad waited out most of the race in the warm truck with the heat on, but they braved it outside for the finish.

My time was super slow, but considering the conditions, it was okay. I finished second out of the women. Very nice to have it finished! I plan on taking it easy for a few weeks and then I will be ready to start marathon training.

With the abundance of outdoor fun in St. George we always have fun...this time was no different, we found that St. George is also fun indoors! Because when it comes down to it, it's not so much WHAT you're doing that's fun, but WHO you're with. Video games with cousins ranks up there as a ton o' fun!

Dress-ups with girl cousins is always delightful...

and it's not just for girl cousins, boy cousins like to dress up just as much!!

Aunt Julie's piano is awesome too! This guy loved to pretend he was playing all kinds of music!

Eventually the rain clouds stopped and the puddles dried up and we decided to head outside. We headed down to the historic district and took a tour of Brigham Young's summer home.

It really was fascinating to see how they lived just 150 years ago.

We saw some pioneer ingenuity, some beautiful craftsmanship, and really enjoyed the tour.

Most impressionable to me was the kitchen. It was fairly plain: a small table, a small hutch, and this wood burning stove. We definitely have some luxuries in our modern kitchens!

The bedrooms were also simple...and in a way I feel somewhat jealous of how simple life must have been...we are so cluttered with things that I think we get sidetracked easily!

It was a great tour ending with a picture in front of the famous Mulberry tree that was struck by lightning, but is still standing.

The clouds were looking dark and heavy and it was quite chilly, but we decided to go play on the red rocks for a little while.

We found lots of little caves to take shelter in...just in case the rain started pouring...

Luckily the rain held and we had some fun!

We got in some exploring and climbing...just as fun as if the sun was shining.

We still love St. George!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Day Has Arrived!

We have spent the last few months preparing for today. Today my husband and oldest son arrived at the Olympic Training Center.

They spent the day checking equipment, practicing at the shooting facility, and registering. Everything had to be measured and inspected to make sure that it met guidelines. He passed!

He is nervous, but excited to have the opportunity to learn and gain experience. I have made my husband promise to take pictures so that we can see what is going on too.

Over the next week he will stand shoulder to shoulder with the nation's top shooters. I can't wait to hear all about it!!!

An Example to Follow

Recently we were able to watch Tanner (my husband's nephew) be ordained to the office of Priest.

I took this picture of my husband and his Dad that evening. I like it because they are perfect reflections of each they have their legs crossed and arms sitting the same way. I am grateful for the great example that my father-in-law has been for my husband...that he has been an example for him to try to emulate throughout his life...and it's made me think about Tanner.

Tanner is a great example. He has been a great boy and is turning into a fine young man. I am grateful for the example he has been and is being for the seven boy cousins that are following him.

(1 and 2) My two oldest boys love Tanner! They watch him closely and love spending time with him doing doesn't matter what, because with Tanner, everything is fun.

(3) I know this cousin also watches Tanner closely. He has three older sisters and is the only boy in his family.

(4) This cousin is keeping a close watch as well.

(5) This is Tanner's younger brother. Of all the younger cousins, Tanner will have the biggest influence on him.

(6) This one is peering around the corner.

(7) This cousin just turned one, but don't worry, he will catch up quickly.

Thanks Tanner for the great example you are for all these younger cousins! I know that they are watching you and trying to be your reflection! Thanks for being someone that they can look up to! Love you!

Modern-Day Torture

My husband's nephew is tall: 6'7" and counting!

**Warning: if you have a sensitive stomach, you might want to stop here!!** Apparently there is a hazard to growing so tall too quickly: occasionally your bones outgrow your tendons. This is a problem.

The problem becomes particularly annoying with one's toes. If your toe bones grow quicker than your toes' tendons, your toes won't be able to extend as they should and eventually your toes will curl (kind of like making a fist with your hand, but with your foot). Fortunately, the condition is repairable, but the surgery is nothing short of brutal.

After removing ligament tissue between the second joint of each toe (which will cause the bones to fuse), a metal rod is stuck through the joint (shishkabob-style) to stabilize the bones until they are done fusing. The tendon is also partially cut causing it to stretch to the length that it needs to be.

For six weeks you get to endure pins sticking out your toes....and if that isn't bad enough...

at the end of six weeks they pull them out with a quick yank (and no anesthesia)! Ouch, ouch, and ouch!!