Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weekend Get-Away

My husband's family has a fun tradition. Every other year they plan an adult get-away: no kids, lots of fun, free time to RELAX. It's great! Every other year we do a fun trip with kids. (It is always fun too, but I personally look forward to the trips without kids...where the adults get to act like kids and not watch any.)

This year we considered several destinations and decided for many reasons that our get-away needed to be close to home. Somehow the idea came up to have a get-away at home....that of all the activities we really wanted to do, we could do most right here! So, two weekends ago we ran away, to my husband's parents home!

All the cousins (except the small babies) babysat each other at various homes and all the adults were free!!

Foremost on our list of activities to do was card-playing. Hearts is a game of strategy and finesse, and if you haven't figured it out, watch out!! Your points total will add up quickly.

Fine cuisine was also a must. We enjoyed one evening with bbq steak, corn on the cob, baked potatoes, salad, fruit, bread, and wow! It was gourmet. The other evening we went out on the town and enjoyed a tasty meal at a local restaurant.

Another activity high on the list was: NAPPING. Naps might sound boring, but they are a coveted luxury! Yes, I'm pretty sure everyone enjoyed a nap or two. We also slept in...and still had a nap. It was great!

High on this couples' priority list was trying to see how many people they could scare with this innocent looking green toy pig. Don't let their serious demeanors in this picture fool you, they will scare you any chance they get....just when you think you are safe, or that no one is watching you: OOIIINK! Yep, you will jump out of your skin!

This poor feller was the brunt of many of their scaring traps. He doesn't scream like a girl or anything embarrassing like that...he just freezes and has been known to fall down and collapse...but that's kind of a family secret, so shhh!!

Several couples went out 4-wheeling up the canyon. They saw deer and turkeys and enjoyed the sweet smell of a recent rainstorm. Afterwards they enjoyed some down time on the shady deck.

Rook is our family's other card game of choice. We played many rounds of that one!

Oh, and junk food with good movies is another must! We watched several and ate many. It was seriously the perfect weekend and we had a blast. Who knew that you could have so much fun at home!!??

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