Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Campout/Gold County Swim Meet

We cut our trip to Oregon a couple days shorter than originally planned. One reason was that our 11-year old desperately wanted to be home in time for his very first overnight campout with the boy scouts. The other reason was for the Gold county swim meet. I sent our 11-year old with a camera, to capture all his fun and exciting scout adventures. He got to learn how to sharpen a pocket-knife, how to navigate using a compass, they got to cook several meals, and they also went on a hike followed by a cool down in some mountain water falls.

When he arrived home, he excitedly told us about all the fun he had.

There were five pictures on his camera...all of breakfast. So there you have it: the food is always the highlight!!

The other reason we cut our trip to Oregon short was to be back in time for the end of season swim meet that the boys both qualified for. The gold meet has the fastest times and the toughest competition. We arrived bright and early for warm-up and check-in.

Our oldest competed on two relay teams. He swam the breaststroke on his team's medley relay. They finished second. He was the anchor leg on his team's freestyle relay. They also finished second.

Our second oldest qualified in the freestyle and the breaststroke. He is super fast in breaststroke, but not quite as dominant in freestyle. He decided that he would try really hard to improve his time in free. He swam a great race and improved his time by over a second. He was really pleased with his performance: 17th place!

Our oldest qualified in freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke. In freestyle he finished second overall.

Next was backstroke. It is our oldest's weakest stroke and he was also determined to really improve his time. He was seeded sixth, but after a blazing fast race, he improved his time by 4 and a half seconds and took second place!

Our second oldest swam a really fast breaststroke race!

The competition was all really close. He took third overall.

Breaststroke was last for our oldest. He was seeded third with some tough competitors. Halfway through he was in second place,

but with the last few strokes he surged ahead and won!

It was pretty fun and he was happy with the results.

The awards banquet was last weekend.

We can't wait for swim team next year. We're trying to convince our daughter to join the boys next season.

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