Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back To School

The first day back to school went well for all the kids.

Our oldest is in 7th grade this year and entered Jr. High. He successfully made it through seven periods, locker opening, lots of stomach butterflies, and a huge new school. He really likes several of his classes and is quite excited for the challenges that he can see ahead...even with an hour and a half of homework on his first day!!

Our elementary group also had a great day. Our sixth grader is in a class of 35, which is just crazy, if you ask me. But he reported that his class was quiet and well-behaved and he likes his far, so good. Our third-grader came back with a fashion critique of her teacher's outfit, hair, and personality...all very high scores!! She is such a girl! It is so fun to hear her take on things! Our first-grader was a little nervous about going to school all day (versus half day in kindergarten) and several times before school he said he wished he could just stay in kindergarten with his teacher that he loved. But he also had a great first day and has a great teacher. He loved getting to eat lunch at school and feels like such a big kid!

It's just me and our four-year-old at home. We tried to get him into the elementary school's preschool, but he scored too high to get in, so I get to do the honors. At first I was a little bummed that he didn't get in, but I'm actually getting a little excited to teach him myself and really enjoy this last little one... We had a fun first day at home. We built a 50 piece puzzle, which he loved. Took an hour, but he caught on quickly. We read books, made cookies, did laundry (he threw the clothes into the washer), and practiced riding his bike. I had to get up really early to get my run in before 7:00 and I am just really dragging this evening. I can't wait until 8:30!! Welcome back school routine!! So long carefree summer schedule! It has been fun.

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  1. Jana, every time I see your kids I think they are so cute. I'm glad school went ok for them. So, I wanted to ask you, do you remember Amiee Kearns from BYU? She ran the 800 mostly in track and cross country. She said she remembers you. I could use facebook for this message, but I'm a little anti. I run at 5:30 too. I wonder if pepper spray works on dogs. Hmmmm. It's a thought.