Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tree Cutting

 On November 30th, we  headed out to the Vernon area to find a Christmas tree.  We had a caravan  of family join us!

 The weather wasn't snowy, but a storm was blowing in and the wind had a bite to it!

 Aunt Cristi, always stylish, sometimes sleep-walking!

 Aunt Julie can rock a beanie!

 Once cousin was confused about the season and came in shorts!

 So we built him a fire!

 Much better!

 The hott-chocolate makers!

 The chip eaters!

 The cute girlies!
 The polish dog fans!

 The  hott-dog cookers!


 Our gang!
 After tree hunting for awhile, we found this fat tree...I don't think there are any skinny ones in this forest!!!  Trust me, we've looked!

 Our tree hunter/climbers!
 Dad and kids...
 Mom and kids...


Our fat tree was really heavy, but we slowly got it down to the truck!  I sure hope it fits through our door...

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  1. I love the tree! Looks like you guys got the healthiest out of the pack!!

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