Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Dance Performance

 Our daughter's first dance performance of the year was on December 19th.  She was so excited for us to see the new routines that her studio has been working on.  This year she is on an older performing team and loves being able to dance with the older girls! 

 The dances were beautiful!

 These pictures don't do them any justice...

 especially considering we ran out of batteries before the second routine....which was awesome!!!

 Next time we will bring an extra set, as well as a camcorder so you can see the whole thing!

 We love our dancer!

She is so fun to watch!

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  1. These were SOOOO awesome and fun! I'm so glad you've had the time to catch up--your pictures and comments make me so happy! Thank you sooo much for sharing. You are an awesome mom! Love to you all!