Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Day Trip to Gunnison

 Fall Break was October 11th and 12th.  What was our first choice for a fun getaway??  A trip to Gunnison to see my sister Katie and her husband, Alex.

 It was so fun to see their cute house and also to meet their little puppy, Lixi.

 We wanted to go on a walk and see some sights in Gunnison, but the rain kept us in.  We got to watch Captain America which was so fun!

 After the rain stopped we went on a walk and saw some sights.

 All the kids will remember the famous Sanpitch Dragon.

 As cars drive over the bridge, you can hear the dragon roar!!!

 It was very cool!

Another highlight was getting to visit Alex's work and his family store.

The kids also enjoyed a rousing game of Bang! with Alex.

He is the master of card games!  Katie and I cooked pizza and chatted while they played.  We enjoyed catching up...and I continually dismissed the burning smell to "something that must be in the bottom of the oven" as we chatted.  It was when I pulled the pizzas out that the burning smell became clear....extra crispy crusts....oops!  We had a lovely visit in Gunnison and can't wait to go back for another visit soon.

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