Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Conference Feast

It is that time again!!  General Conference is here!

We look forward to the first weekend of October and this year did not disappoint!  We love to hear the counsel and advice of our leaders, but mostly we enjoy the spiritual feast that fills us full!  This conference was particularly memorable because of the announcement made by President Monson about the change in missionary ages.  Boys are now eligible to serve at age 18 and girls at age 19.  What excitement we felt as the announcement was made!  Tears poured down my face as I felt of the power and force that these new young missionaries will be in our world.  Our two older boys also got really excited as they realized the impact this change will have on their plans.  It won't really affect our oldest since he will turn 18 his senior year, but it will mean that he can leave for his mission right after graduation.  Our second oldest also will be able to leave right after graduation since his birthday is in June.  This also means that our first will leave, then one year later, our second oldest will leave.  We are so excited that they will get to serve at the same time!!!

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