Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Deer Hunt

 This year we drew three deer tags in Utah.  It is the boys' first year hunting in Utah and we decided to make it a family affair.  Step one was outfitting the family in camouflage!

 We didn't have to buy anything!!  I think we have 3 bins full of camo!!

 We were up bright and early opening morning...excited to see some bucks!

 We started at the outdoor range.  We saw....nothing!

 So we headed up the canyon and saw a herd of.....turkeys!

 We saw.....beautiful views,

 family bonding,

 little boys peeing.

 We saw the beautiful valley,

 and the steep mountain terrain...but not a single buck!

 We enjoyed lunch in the back of the truck on a mountain road and thoroughly enjoyed our first family hunt!

We spent several days over the next week hiking in the Wasatch Mountains.  See the 4 orange dots midway up the mountain?  We saw 3 bucks, shot at one, but missed.

Finally, on the last weekend...success!!  Our oldest shot a little buck!  We were sure happy considering the slim pickings we saw over the duration of the hunt.  We learned that we have been very spoiled hunting in Wyoming for the last several years!

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