Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas

 Santa's elves were very busy this year! 

 Bright and early, 6:30, the kids were up and bouncing off the walls with excitement!

 Waiting to come up the stairs to see what is under the tree.


 Santa brought a bike for each person in our family....we will now be able to go on rides all together instead of just a few at a time.

 Stocking contents

 Secret Santa gift!  This year each of the kids was a secret Santa to a sibling.

 They were so excited to give each other gifts!

 They picked some very thoughtful gifts.

 This one was very well received!

 A new pair of tennis shoes!

 New guitar strings and a capo!

 My parents gave me some music...not just any music, but music from my childhood!!!  Thank you!

 Pictures of the moon and stars that Grandpa took through his telescope.

 Gift from our cousins:  a Wii!!!

 This guy is set!!

 No way!!!  

 Total surprise!!

 Thank you Grandpa!!!

 We are lucky boys!!!

 Listening to a tutorial.

 A beyblade battle.

 Mom spent all morning building legos.

 We spent all afternoon dancing...

and competing on Wii sports!  We had a very, very Merry Christmas!

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