Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Games: High Power Matches

For the final day of Summer Games we headed over to the high power range. For this competition the shooters shoot at targets 200 yards away.It makes for quite a workout to walk down and back each round to score the targets.

I got to help add up all the scores.

The younger kids had lot of fun too!

My husband helped a lot with locating shots to help the competitors know if they needed to adjust their sights.

The Service High Power Match is a lot of fun. The competitors start with slow standing (ten shots in ten minutes), then move to rapid sitting (ten shots in 70 seconds), then rapid prone (ten shots in 60 seconds) and finally slow prone (20 shots in 20 minutes).

It really is a lot of fun because it is so different from precision .22 shooting. Our boys shot their AR-15s in this match.

This year our oldest had a quest! Last year he took second by one point! The year before that he took second by two points. This year he felt pretty sure he could jump ahead.

Both boys shot very well!

Our oldest won clearly with an 11 point lead over second place.

Our second oldest won the silver in the Junior category.

At the very end of Summer Games a special award is given. All scores from all the matches are added together to come up with an overall score from all the shooting competitions. The Rifleman award is given in honor of Adam Warnock who passed away last year. Our oldest was thrilled to earn that award this year. Summer Games was our big family vacation this summer break and we really had a marvelous time with many memories made and fun times with good friends and family.

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