Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Real Pain in the Behind

You remember this fun summer destination? Yep, the reservoir. We have spent many fun afternoons here this summer. The week after the boys returned from scout camp we headed to the reservoir to go fishing.

Our second oldest had to catch one more fish to complete his fishing merit badge. Besides catching, cleaning, cooking, and eating one fish, he also had to catch and release a fish.

Somehow I erased all the pictures I took while fishing. We had a fantastic time! The one necessary fish was caught and released...and several more were caught and eaten for dinner that evening. We had a lot of much fun that we went again the next day.

Now, if you look carefully at the pictures of the reservoir you will see that it is surrounded by a concrete dike that slopes down toward the water. It is a hazard! Here's why: if one should happen to put one's foot slightly in the water, one will slip on the very, very slick slime and fall on one's butt and slide right down into the reservoir...and not just a little slide, you won't stop sliding until you are neck deep. Each of the kids fell in (some may have been on purpose, but that's not my point) ... we watched no less than five other people fall in that day. I should have taken notice!

After baiting a worm on one of the fishing lines, I walked down to the water to rinse off my fingers. Unknowingly, I put a toe into the water, slipped and fell down hard on my behind...and started the inevitable slide. Our oldest was right next to me and I started yelling for him to grab me, which he did...all I could think of was my cell phone in my pocket that was going to get all wet. It didn't, but the damage was already done. After he pulled me up out of the water I realized right away that something was bad because I couldn't move...not good! The prognosis: I have a broken behind. My tailbone is fine, but I have broken my has been four weeks now and it still hurts. I took 2 and 1/2 weeks off marathon training which has been a real bummer, but mostly it is a real pain to have a painful behind! If you happen to go up to the reservoir, beware!

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