Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Scout Camp

The day after the ordination (Yes, somehow most of our summer's activities got squished into two weeks), our two oldest boys left for their week long campout with the scouts.

They headed back down to the same area we had just left while at the Summer Games. The boys joked that if they didn't need to be home for the ordination that they would have just stayed in Cedar city.

The boys have some very awesome scout leaders. This year's camp was pretty special with hikes and adventures, but also lots of spiritual learning and growth.

Their hikes took them through some scenic areas.

In some places it is a dry, harsh desert,

yet just around the bend is a beautiful waterfall!

Do you know any boy who can resist a cool swim to escape the dust and heat??

Or, more accurately, a chance to show off in front of his friends!?

The boys especially had fun earning their fishing merit badge.

Our second oldest felt a lot of satisfaction catching a fish on his new rod.

Part of the merit badge was catching, cleaning, cooking, and eating their own fish. It was a group project and the scouts caught a lot of fish.

They also earned their canoeing merit badge. I don't have any pictures of that, but the boys have stories to tell! It was a cold lake with a strong cross wind and they really had to work hard and work together to earn this merit badge.

They had a really fun week with the leaders and the scouts in our ward! We were glad they had so much fun, but I was happy when they returned home!

Even if they spent a couple days on the couch...

recovering from all the fun.

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