Wednesday, November 30, 2011

First Annual Pumpkin Bash Fund Raiser

This last weekend we helped run the First Annual Pumpkin Bash Fund Raiser for the Springville Junior Rifle Club. This is the club that our boys shoot at. They are in need of some new air rifles and in order to buy them our coach came up with the idea of shooting/blowing up pumpkins. Sounds fun, right?

Well, it was! A lot of fun! But a whole lot of work went into that fun. This pile of pumpkins represents two days of back-breaking pumpkin gathering. We had a local farm donate all the pumpkins, but we had to go gather them. Along with 20 of our closest rifle club friends, we gathered 1100 pumpkins!

For 5 bucks per person, anyone could come to the outdoor range and shoot up pumpkins to their heart's content.

The key to a good pumpkin shooting is to drill a hole in the top of the pumpkin and then fill it with water. This causes the explosion. If it is empty, the pumpkin just gets a hole blow in it.

Did I mention that it was cold that morning? Frigid!! We drank hot chocolate (which we also sold at our concession stand) to help thaw us out.

We also had an outdoor heater which helped a little.

This was the first round of pumpkin targets set out.

One group put explosives in their pumpkins...see the pumpkin in the center of the picture?

Boom! We had raining pumpkin chunks for about 20 seconds!

These pumpkins have seen better days.

We also had fun with the boys' coaches' cannon. It is small,

but packs a pretty big punch.


We were hopeful to make a little money selling concessions...and we did. We sold hot chocolate, hot dogs, chips, and several goodies.

We ate a few too.

The girls of the club spend a lot of time together and they always seem to have a lot of fun.

In no time at all, they had a fashion show with clothes they made from garbage bags and red duct tape, they smashed about 30 pumpkins and collected the seeds, and then they had a pumpkin seed fight that would rival any mess making activity!

It might not work, but I will keep trying.

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