Monday, July 20, 2009


Sunday of our family reunion began by going to church with Grandma and Grandpa. Afterwards I took the kids to the top of a butte that is in the middle of town to show them some views of the area.

We took a few pictures from the top.

I love the Oregon mountains and couldn't resist taking pictures with them in the background.

My kids were amazed at how many trees they saw.

It was a sunny day.

One mountain is called Broken Top because when it exploded thousands of years ago, it literally blew off its top.

The next day we went up to a lake that sits behind these mountains. (See next post)

Home, sweet home!

After our sight-seeing we headed back to the reunion for a fabulous lasagna lunch!

After lunch the cousins played a few fun games like red light, green light.

And then we got to have a special treat:

We watched a family video that Grandpa put was great and was especially fun for the grandkids to see that their parents were kids once too.

Our daughter and Grandpa watching the video.

After the video we played a Family Jeopardy game that my sister put together. It was just like the t.v. game show, but with trivia from our family. It was soooo fun!!

We relived several fun memories! And laughed until we cried!

That evening was free time so we spent the evening playing with some of our Oregon cousins...what a cute bunch of kids!!

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