Monday, July 20, 2009

A Day at the Lake

On Monday of the Reunion we headed up to Elk Lake, a high mountain lake fed by the melting snow of the Cascade Mountains.
These mountain lakes are where we camped often when I was young.

Three of my sisters and my brother. My oldest sister was busy packing for the coast that day so she didn't come up.
The area is filled with pine trees, mountain meadows, and the ever-present lava rocks.

We enjoyed a windy picnic lunch and roasted hot dogs over the fire.


It wouldn't be a day at the lake without roasting marshmellows!

Some of us liked them a little crispier than the rest of us!


Grandma's banana bread was tasty too!

After lunch we braved the icy lake water.

The water was freezing! I tried to explain melted snow, but I guess sometimes you just have to experience it for yourself!

It was a little more bearable with a sweatshirt, but still.....


Grandpa captured every icy moment on his video camera.

They did eventually get in over their knees, but they had to come warm up by the fire frequently!

Looking for trout!

It was a great day at the lake!

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