Monday, July 20, 2009

Lighthouse and Souvenirs

We spent our last day at Newport seeing some last-minute sights.

We drove up to Cape Foulweather. These were the condos we stayed in.

We could see for miles.


There was a little gift shop there. I let the kids each pick out one souvenir.

Some little shells.

A pirate sword.

A necklace.

Another necklace.

We also visited the lighthouse.

There were a ton of birds on this rock next to it.

Quite a view!

Taking a picture of himself.

Going up the spiral staircase in the lighthouse.

The view up.

The view down.

The picture he took.

The view from the top.
The light.

Kids at the top.

One last look. The Oregon Coast was so fun. We will remember our adventures for a long time. That afternoon we headed back to my parent's house for one last day in Oregon before the long ride back to Utah.

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