Monday, July 20, 2009

The Aquarium

Our first full day in Newport began with the Oregon Science Aquarium where we got some close-up views of all the sea life.

Part of our gang.

This octopus snuck across the glass window just as we stopped to look...quite a fascinating creature.

The bird exhibit was awesome. We even saw some birds that "flew" underwater.

Our favorite part was walking through the tunnel surrounded by water on all sides.

We saw a big shark.

And a little tiger shark too.

Our sea explorer.

The casualties of the shark attack!

A great big starfish!

The "touching " pond. We spent quite awhile here.

Some giant crabs.

The Nemo fish!

A scary one.

And there were a few creatures we could climb on!

A great ride!

They have a nasty bite though. We had a fun time at the aquarium.

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