Monday, July 20, 2009

The Oregon Coast

Day Four of our reunion began with us loading up and heading across the Cascade Mountain range and into the other side of Oregon...the wet, green valley.

My youngest sister especially enjoyed the drive since she was breaking in new car!!

My kids were intrigued by this wet forest and especially found the moss growing everywhere fascinating.

We stopped and let all the kids stretch their are all the grandkids except our youngest who wouldn't cooperate.

My and my sisters.

My brother

When we got to our condo in Newport we were pleasantly surprised by view from our deck. It was great to open the sliding doors and be able to hear and smell the ocean!!

As soon as we were settled we headed down to the beach. My kids wanted to explore ....except for the two oldest this was their first time at the ocean.

It was low tide so...

we got to explore all the tide pools.

Every tide pool held a new discovery.

Sea anemones. We all got to touch one.

It was a brand new world!

A crab!

Sea urchins!

A starfish!

It even posed for a picture!

And another!

Just north of the tide pools was a beach full of seals.

This one wasn't too far away just veggin' on a rock.

All the mussels were waiting for the tide to return.

We couldn't leave the beach until our youngest made a sand castle.

After the tide pools we headed back to the condo and spent some time with our cool uncle...

and cool aunt!!

That evening we enjoyed a cloudy sunset...gorgeous!

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