Monday, June 4, 2012

The Dairy

This last Saturday we got to go and do some service as a family at the LDS dairy farm in Elberta.

 On the drive over we tried to imagine what our work would be:  shoveling manure, cleaning stalls, hauling feed...

 our imaginations came up with lots of dirty, smelly work.  It did smell like a dairy when we arrived, but was actually very clean.  

 The work we did wasn't dirty at all.  We cleaned a parking lot, swept off a gigantic scale that milk trucks are weighed on, watered a lawn, 

 we swept rocks off the road leading up to the dairy,

 and we weeded a fence line.

 There wasn't a whole lot of interaction with the dairy cows...other than we drank some chocolate milk at the very end.  It was ice cold and delicious.

We did get a quick look at the milking floor when we were done working.  It was amazingly clean, extremely efficient, air-conditioned, and astonishingly high-tech.  We got to see the milking system, the cooling system, and the gigantic tanks that hold all the milk.  We had a great time!    

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