Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009: In Hindsight

For my handsome hubby, 2009 will be remembered like this: survived the lean water truck season, finally have boys old enough to really hunt, took 'em turkey hunting, took 'em deer hunting, made/modified some really cool guns, loved shooting with my boys every Tuesday night...can't wait until more of my kids want to shoot! When's the next hunt??? (Well, I might have left out a few highlights, but I think I covered most of them).

This year for me will be remembered as a year of accepting. It has taken awhile for me to accept that my kids are growing up and my babies are not babies anymore. For some reason I have wanted them to stay little (safe, cute, dependent, ....). But they are growing up and I have realized that it's okay and life continues. Roles change and needs change, but mother/child relationship will never end... I know that sounds simple and obvious, but it has been a long process for me to come to that realization.

Speaking of babies, my baby isn't a baby anymore. This year he learned how to use a toilet, he can turn on lights without any help, he learned how to be nice (thank goodness!!), he got to be alone with Mom every day after everyone else left for school, he can tell you all about star wars clone troopers (probably more than you want to sit and listen to), he doesn't like to snuggle as much anymore, but he still likes to rub your ear. Oh....and he has a girlfriend. A much older girlfriend.

Our sweet Star Wars fan became a big kid this year too! He goes to school everyday now and is a professional kindergartner! He caught onto reading faster than any of our kids...he was definitely the easiest to teach. He is happy, confident, friendly, and kind-hearted. For him this year has been a year of stepping out of his comfort zone, being brave, and becoming confident in his ability to learn whatever he wants to.

Our beautiful daughter is our social bumble bee. She has spent this year growing up and learning the ropes of who likes who and who likes what and she is our little informant. If anything is going on anywhere she probably knows most of the details and will openly share her knowledge. She is only in the third grade, but her awareness of what's going on seems much older to me! We may be in trouble!

Our cute fifth grader has spent this year growing (he is finally catching up with his friends after being behind last year.) He earned a medal shooting in the Summer Games shooting and loves the gun Dad made him that fits him perfectly. He will remember this year as the year he shot his first big Tom turkey (and there is a great story to go with that memory), and it's also the year he shot his first deer on a hunt in Wyoming with Dad and his brother. He is exactly like his Dad...they have the same personality, the same hobbies, and they are great friends.

For our oldest he will remember this year as the year he finally turned 12! He finally graduated from Primary and loves going with the Scouts on camp outs. He loves being able to pass the sacrament and collect fast offerings. This year he shot a trophy whitetail on his first ever deer hunt. He came away with six medals in the Summer Games...and almost beat all the adults in high power! This is the year he cleaned his first target...his first perfect 100 in a match! This is his last year in elementary year is junior high! Yikes!!

2009 has come and gone. We look forward to 2010 and the adventures we will have together!

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