Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tree Decorating

December 4th is a special day for us. It's a day we remember family members who have gone before us. It has become our tradition to decorate our tree while we are remembering.

When the kids get home from school, the decorating begins!

Dad and the boys had to break off some ice and trim the trunk.

It barely fit through the door....

but soon we began decorating.

We put on some Christmas music and did a little dancing too!

Thanks for the snowflakes, Grandma! They are beautiful and we think of you every time we see one.

We love our tree...and our cute kids!
Let the season begin!

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  1. Jana! How fun to see your comment on my blog! A year ago, I used to have nearly a thousand readers a day. Things have slowed way down since I'm not able to read others' blogs on a daily basis anymoe. I'm happy that there are still people who enjoy reading what I write, and knowing that one of them is my sweet roommate wil surely keep me writing. Thank you again!

    All the best to you and your beautiful family during this Christmas season and throughout the year!