Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Jolly Surprise

Grandma and Grandpa have a friend who conveniently "looks the part." They surprised all their grandkids and invited him to our family Christmas party last week.

He was a hit!

This little guy was disappointed when he left without giving him his trooper (star wars figure) that he asked for. It was a tough sell to convince him that Santa had to go make it first.

This guy had a big list of requests.

Her list wasn't long, but she thinks Santa has some serious savings in his retirement accounts!

This one thinks he's too old to sit on Santa's lap, but wasn't afraid to tell him that he wants a laptop. Geesh! Santa IS loaded!!

This guys knows he is too old to sit on Santa's lap, but Santa chased him down anyway! He was embarrassed, but got a candy cane filled with chocolate out of the situation, so it was worth it!

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