Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hair Cuts

It was time for hair cuts today...when the boys' hair starts to hang out over their ears, out come the clippers! I've got a system down. I start youngest to oldest...they strip down to their underwear (easier clean-up) and one by one the shag comes off. I started cutting my boys' hair several years ago and I must admit that I wasn't very good at first (I could really only do a buzz), but I don't think I'm too bad anymore (I have finally figured out how to taper)! Cutting their hair definitely saves a ton of $!! The $40 clippers pay for themselves in one month! Today while I was cutting hair I remembered my great uncle tell about how they cut hair when he was young. They would all meet Saturday evening once a month and everyone would get a hair cut...all the neighbors. They would cut each others' hair. The idea sounded fun at first...turning a mundane task into a social gathering, but then I thought about all the hair everywhere. I'm kind of grossed out by all the cut hair on the floor...even when it's from my own kids heads. I think it would be disgusting for everyone to be walking around in each others cut hair! No, I think I would have to keep it as a family adventure rather than a neighborhood one!! I really do like how nice all my boys look on Sunday with their freshly cut hair...especially my hubby!!

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