Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ad Lib

Apparently our youngest didn't get his fill during the holiday season. He came up to me the other day begging to make cookies. But, not just any cookies, (I can whip up a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip in no time at all) he wanted gingerbread cookies. "So I can eat the arms and then the legs." I didn't have time at that moment so I put him off...thinking that this sudden craving of his would soon pass.

Well, it didn't. The next day he asked again and again and again. Trying to be a patient mom, (I pray for that trait daily) I thought about how I could appease him...and maybe spend some valuable mother/son time together too. This is what came to mind:
We made the cutest, tastiest gingerbread man ever!! We even added a hat and boots! And we got some counting in too! The best part: clean-up was a breeze.

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