Friday, September 25, 2009

Blisters, Go Away!

(I will spare you a picture!) One would think that after miles and miles of running that a runner could graduate from getting blisters. After getting blister after blister in the same spot, a callous usually forms...and then you're done with a blister there, right??? Wrong! At least with my feet, the blister simply moves over, a fraction of an inch to the right or the left. The worst location for a blister is under a toenail. The nail actually dies and eventually falls off...leaving the runner with hideous looking toes! I have lost two this summer. They are starting to grow back, but have yet to be identified as a normal-looking nail. Right now my feet are quite a sight- Saturday I ran 16 miles and I gained three new blisters (one of them almost looks like another toe!!... and that's only a slight exaggeration). While I am enjoying the last few day of summer sunshine, I am actually looking forward to winter so that I can hide my toes! I guess that I need to decide whether to be proud of my horrible looking feet/toes and see them as a hard-earned by-product of a devoted runner or else be embarrassed by their grossness! Today I'm feeling a little of both!

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