Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Games: Day Three

The final day we headed to the high power range...

where we started by setting up the long-range targets.

The high power service rifle match was first. The shooters start with a slow standing target (10 shots in 10 minutes).

Then they shoot a rapid sitting target. (Ten shots in 70 seconds).

Next they shoot a rapid prone target. (10 shots in 70 seconds).

And last, they shoot a slow prone target (20 shots in 20 minutes).

There is a lot of walking back and forth out 200 yards to paste up the targets in between positions.

Our oldest had a lot of fun and shot really well!! He took silver in the overall by ONE point.

Our second oldest also shot very well, taking the silver medal in the sub-junior category, but also beating many of the adults in the overall.

Our youngest had a fun time shooting at paper cups in between matches.

Our daughter went lizard hunting and returned with a big one. Our Star Wars fan was down in St. George that day having fun with his favorite cousin.

The final event of the day was the Sporter High Power match.
Our youngest shot his Dad's .204 and shot very well.

Our oldest shot his Dad's 22-250 and at the end of the regular match was in a tie for the silver medal in the overall.

The tie was settled by a one shot shoot-off. Our oldest won the shoot-off with his best shot off the x at 200 yards.

Here's a closer look at the shot. Look for it in the bottom of the X.

Our oldest also won the overall Rifleman award (the Adam Warnock award-given in honor of his coach who passed away in April). The scores from all the matches over the three days were added up to come up with the winner. A pretty special honor...and a tasty award.

The gold, silver, and bronze medalists from the Service Rifle competition.

Proud shooters...this is the high power expert who has guided the boys in their high power competitions.

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