Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Great Weekend

Last Friday the kids had no school and Monday was a holiday....which meant we had a four-day weekend! We headed south to visit and play with our fun cousins in sunny St. George.

We always have fun when we visit them...they are soooo fun!

We had three sleep-overs in a row! Wow!

We had some fun in the pool.

Yes, we pretty much took over the pool.

Our youngest boys found the cutest girl in the hot tub!!

We spent many hours playing...Star Wars, of course.

We played cards, ate yummy food...

and we even got to celebrate our cousin's 10th birthday!

The cake was delicious!

But, best of all, we got to play boots, no coats, no snow. It felt like summer/fall again and we just loved it!

We spent hours on the trampoline and we got a few high bounces in.

The boys even went hunting(of course!) They got up early Saturday morning and tried to call in some coyotes. They saw two, but the elusive coyotes escaped!

So the mighty hunters turned on each wasn't too pretty!
Thanks to our St. George cousins for a fantastic weekend! We had the best time!

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  1. We loved, loved having you and your family here. Come again...soon!!

    p.s. I didn't know Tanner was bouncing your oldest that high! I should've known!