Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Get-Away

Memorial weekend this year was a real adventure for our family!

We went camping! However, this wasn't any regular camping trip. With rain, wind, and possible snow on the forecast, we went camping to Grandma and Grandpa's house!

They were gone to New York and so we got to escape to their house for a relaxing weekend. We enjoyed fun treats,

played with their cute dogs,

and a fun sleepover downstairs! We played Wii, watched lots of movies,

and enjoyed a tasty barbecue!

The best part of it for me was to pick a good book from Grandma's library and sit down for an afternoon of reading...one of my favorite hobbies that I rarely get to do!

We woke up Memorial Day morning to snow...and we were grateful we were indoors camping rather than outdoors!

We bundled up and headed to the cemeteries to visit the graves of our loved ones.

For the younger ones, it is a chance to hear stories about family members they never met! I hope that we can share our memories with them.

While they are no longer with us, they are a big influence in our lives and I think that we get to know them by learning how we are all alike.

We have given each of our children a connection to their ancestors through their names. While our daughter never met her great aunt, they share much in common.

I love meeting together at the cemetery!

In my mind, each flower represents the hugs that we will share when we are reunited.....

each one will be unique and beautiful!

True to the weather pattern this year, our visit to the cemetery was interrupted with a fast and furious hailstorm...

it was short-lived, but produced quite a bit of the white stuff!

We ended this fun weekend with a picnic....inside!


  1. It's always fun to catch up with you and your family. So glad you blog. The camping looked fun!

  2. Fun weekend! That is a neat tradition to go to the cemetery. I am glad you had an indoor place to vacation!