Friday, May 14, 2010

Our SMALL Project

We have taken on a tiny bit of a project...we are installing wood flooring in our kitchen/bathroom/entry.
My husband got a great deal on wood flooring and "tah dah" we have some work to do. The kids are pretty tickled about the whole thing. It's new...different...
and hey, the fridge is in the living room. They think that we should keep it there and they have come up with several convincing reasons why a fridge is a good living room addition. I am getting lots of extra exercise walking back and forth during meal prep. But... that's nothing compared to....
the inconvenience of no upstairs bathroom. The biggest bummer is when you have to wait in line to use our one functional bathroom. Our youngest peed off the deck yesterday...too long of a wait! No, I don't approve (and found out after the fact), but I understand his dilemma!!

Simple linoleum removal turned into some serious back-breaking work and a lot of sweating when we discovered a second layer of sub-flooring that had to be torn up.

Thank goodness for hard-working boys to help with the demolition!

Everyone joined in and soon the floor was up...and then...we got to pull out a million staples.
This guy was a great staple-collector! He loved running the staples to the garbage, one by one. It has been a lot of work. Tonight we start installing the new floor! We are sore, sleep-deprived, and living off dinners that can be cold or cooked in the microwave (aka cold-cereal and burritos/nachos). Oh, and we are reliving our childhood task of washing dishes by kids are thrilled to experience what dish washing was like in the "olden days," although the novelty of it has already worn off. Wish us luck!!

We may or may not fall asleep on the living room floor when we are done!


  1. oh boy that brings back memories. that is a lot of work. but it will be worth it when it is done! Good luck!!!

  2. That looks like a ton of work. What a great project for your family though. I can't wait to see the finished floor.