Monday, February 8, 2010

A Special Dinner

This weekend we were invited to accompany our two oldest boys to the:

It was a dinner commemorating the 201st anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth and the 99th anniversary of Ronald Reagan's birth. It was a great event that had several great speakers including our state governor, senators, and congressman. Our two boys were invited as special guests and were recognized during the program for their recent 3rd place at a national NRA Precision Rifle Competition. They were able to shake hands with and rub shoulders with some pretty special people. I don't think they fully realize the honor that it was for them to be invited.

Maybe as they get older it will sink in a little. The main message that I got from the evening was that we can gain great strength, wisdom, and guidance for the struggles of our day by studying these two great men and how they faced the challenges of their day. While circumstances may be different, what is at stake is similar and we can learn a lot if we try to walk in the shadows of these two great leaders.

It was a fun, albeit long, evening. My husband loved every second of it (he loves politics!) and I hope our boys caught a glimpse of what it takes to be a leader.

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