Tuesday, April 5, 2011

An Example to Follow

Recently we were able to watch Tanner (my husband's nephew) be ordained to the office of Priest.

I took this picture of my husband and his Dad that evening. I like it because they are perfect reflections of each other...how they have their legs crossed and arms sitting the same way. I am grateful for the great example that my father-in-law has been for my husband...that he has been an example for him to try to emulate throughout his life...and it's made me think about Tanner.

Tanner is a great example. He has been a great boy and is turning into a fine young man. I am grateful for the example he has been and is being for the seven boy cousins that are following him.

(1 and 2) My two oldest boys love Tanner! They watch him closely and love spending time with him doing whatever...it doesn't matter what, because with Tanner, everything is fun.

(3) I know this cousin also watches Tanner closely. He has three older sisters and is the only boy in his family.

(4) This cousin is keeping a close watch as well.

(5) This is Tanner's younger brother. Of all the younger cousins, Tanner will have the biggest influence on him.

(6) This one is peering around the corner.

(7) This cousin just turned one, but don't worry, he will catch up quickly.

Thanks Tanner for the great example you are for all these younger cousins! I know that they are watching you and trying to be your reflection! Thanks for being someone that they can look up to! Love you!

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