Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Catching Up...Once More.

It's feast or famine as far as blogging time is concerned. Today is catch-up-the-blog-day! Yay for me!! The last little while I have spent my free time on Christmas projects (a future post). Here's a glimpse of what took place in the last few weeks:

We enjoyed a beautiful Christmas dance program. Our daughter danced to "Silent Night" and Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday."

It was a fun evening. I got to help out backstage for the first time. All I can say is, "Wow!" I had no idea all the background work that went into a performance! We had a fun time and my daughter really liked that we got to spend the evening together.

She is really excited about her dance costume this year. She paid for half of it so I think she appreciates it that much more! She will have some competitions coming up soon.

We also got to enjoy a rousing sing-along/Christmas program at the kids' school. We enjoyed songs by each grade and a very entertaining performance of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" by the faculty.

It was snowing that day...after raining for several days in a row and everyone was enjoying the "winter wonderland" that was appearing outside....little did we know that the snow would keep coming and coming....

The next day was supposed to be the last day of school before Christmas break. Our second oldest was performing in the school production of "A Christmas Carol," and the kids were looking forward to class parties. But we woke up to 20+ inches of heavy, wet snow! For the first time in over 30 years, our school district declared a snow day and canceled school. The kids were overjoyed and soon bundled up in snow gear to enjoy sledding, fort-making, and snowball fights with the whole neighborhood. We soon found out why school was closed when in a matter of 20 minutes, six cars were stuck on our street alone!! We spent hours shoveling snow, warmed up with several steaming cups of hot chocolate, and we watched a few movies!! Welcome Christmas Break!!!
Just two days later we celebrated my graying husbands 39th birthday! We woke him up with gifts and song! After work that evening, he enjoyed shooting at the club with the older boys. We tease him that he better enjoy his last year of being young!!

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