Monday, July 12, 2010

Shooting Finale

Summer Games is the last big shooting competition of the season and the last two practices of the year are spent cleaning the range, unpacking from Cedar City, and finally on the last day the shooters enjoy a fun shoot where they get to play around at the outdoor range.

It is bitter sweet to have the competition season end, but it will be nice to have just one night a week dedicated to shooting instead of three or more!

In the off season the boys plan to make a few trips up north to get some one on one guidance from Bud Benard, the legendary high-power master.

Our oldest received a special honor at the fun shoot. An award from the Junior Rifle Club named after Adam.

And finally, but most celebrated in our household, another precision rifle has joined our ever-growing arsenal. This is a Diana 820F, a very nice precision .22. Still a little big for our oldest, he is anticipating some very accurate shooting in his future...with Diana. And yes, the boys call it she, her, if she is the hottest girl in the world. This kind of infatuation I'm okay with!!!

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