Thursday, November 12, 2009

Losing Nails/ Half-Marathon

This past weekend we headed down to sunny St. George for a fun weekend with family and for the Snow Canyon Half Marathon. We had a great time and even got a little sun on our cheeks. I have been training specifically for this half for six weeks now and was really excited and felt pretty good about my preparation. The race started in Snow Canyon and ended just a block away from my husband's sister's house(I know they planned that just for us!). I had a great race, finishing 14th in the women's race in 1:35, a new P.R. for me!! The course was gorgeous, but I had no idea the pain that such a gorgeous course could inflict!!! The hills were torture, the dirt trails were sandy and slick, and by the time we ran through the black lava flow neighborhoods, my feet and legs were dying! It is now four days post race and I am finally able to walk normally. I crawled, yes crawled, down the stairs the night of the race. My husband offered to carry me, but having anyone even touch my quads hurt so bad! I won this cool hat for being a top 20 woman finisher.

I also came home with one more souvenir!

****Warning***** Gross toe pictures*** (Toes are gross anyway, but these pictures go beyond gross!!)

I almost always lose toenails after big races and this race was no different. The only difference was that I had a camera to capture the moment. The first picture is 10 minutes after finishing. The second picture is three days later.

I just love running!!