Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm In!

This past weekend was the St. George marathon. Saturday morning I spent running on the treadmill (not nearly as scenic as sunny St. George) and waited for the marathon results online...and then spent hours reading them. I really would loved to have run in it again this year, but I didn't make the lottery. I was naive enough to suppose that since I made the lottery my first year, I would also make it in my second year...I was wrong!
I have learned from my experiences, though, and this year I have taken the sure route. I signed up for the runner series (it fills up in 20 minutes) which makes it possible to get into the marathon for sure by running in 2 of 9 St. George area races. So now the guessing is gone!! Come October 2(of next year), I will be off at the sound of the gun!! I know it is a long ways off, but I can hardly wait!!


  1. way to go! did you read about that 70 year old man in SLC that has run just a huge number of marathons in 3 1/2 years? you runners are crazy!